Lost in Hitchin

Today I asked God to watch over me on my adventure


The Adventures of ‘Lost’ the Penguin

We are sending LOST on an epic journey around the world and it will be documented here. The final result is that we will publish a book about his adventure and all the proceeds will go to Children in Need. please like the page and pass it on we want 1MILLION LIKES ON THE PAGE. Please spread the word, let’s make this happen. With all the bad things happening in the world, maybe this little lost Penguin can bring a small ray of sunshine. Thank you.

Yesterday Lost said farewell to his friends and has packed his bag and will be travelling around the world staying with various Photographer from http://www.dpchallenge.com Many thanks to those involved. Please also LIKE our facebook page Lost the Penguin, we would like to get sponsorship from a printer for the book and maybe also get Children in Need involved too with this quest.

Lost on set